No. 71: Xuefeng Chongsheng Temple, Fuzhou, Fujian

(This article was published in the Shenzhen Daily on September 2, 2013.)

Gate to a small compound outside of Xuefeng Chongsheng Temple
(雪峰崇圣寺), in the mountains above Fuzhou, Fujian (福建, 福州市).
October 23, 2011 - Reaching Xuefeng Chongsheng Temple involved a local bus to a long-distance bus station, then a two-hour mini-bus ride, over half of it on a twisty mountain road. (Thank goodness for the girl at the front desk of my hotel, who helped me figure it all out.)

[Note: In my articles in the Shenzhen Daily, I confused my method of reaching this temple with that of reaching Linyang Temple. The account here is more likely to be accurate--I think.]

But the ride was worth it! The "Xuefeng" in the temple's name means "snowy peak," and it's clear that this temple spends the winter months locked in white. As for "Chongsheng," it's a reference to the "holy man" who founded the temple, Xuefeng Yicun (822-908--his "monk" name was taken from the temple, and not vice versa). His magnificent barrel-shaped stupa is in a back corner of the main temple grounds.

Aside from its spectacular setting, the temple compound itself is pleasant enough. More interesting were the temple's fields on the surrounding terrace, and some of the outlying halls and hermits' huts.

The main compound was spacious. Beyond the huge free-release pond in front, it was quite a long walk between the compound's halls.

Passing out of the compound to the left, I had a pleasant stroll in the aforementioned fields, ending at a separate compound with stacked firewood and a few smaller halls.

Passing back through the main grounds and out the front gate, I crossed the road, where a new-looking pond held a statue of Guanyin, Bodhisattva of Compassion, in the center. Beyond this was a new hall, as yet undedicated, called Kumu An, or "Dead Tree Hermitage."

Back at the road, I waited over an hour for a return bus, then slowly made my way back to my hotel.

GPS Info:
  • 26.39642, 119.04584


(This may look blank, but it works--I promise!)


More pictures can be found here (Xuefeng) and here (Kumu An).

A large pond stands in front of Xuefeng Chongsheng Temple
Master Yicun's stupa is in a rear yard of the temple
Farmland belonging to the temple
A hermitage outside of the main compound

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