No. 99: Ganlu Temple, Jiuhuashan, Anhui

(This article was published in the Shenzhen Daily on June 9, 2014.)

This courtyard is between the aptly-named "Old Wood Building" and the main hall
(大雄宝殿, shown) at Ganlu Temple (甘露寺) on Jiuhuashan, Anhui (安徽, 九华山).

June 24, 2012 - Leaving the Jiuhua Shan Scenic Area, I took a bus halfway down the mountain to visit Ganlu ("Sweet Dew") Temple. This required checking out at the main gate, to ensure that I didn't need to buy another expensive ticket to get back to my hotel!

Ganlu Temple is the first temple reached when traveling up the main road. It is also home to Jiuhua Shan's Buddhist Academy, called the "House of Learning Sages."

Another structure on the grounds is the simply-named "Old Wood Building." A young monk named Long Jie, who had taught himself English, was kind enough to escort me around the building. He was especially proud of a room that had been used as a classroom for (he said) 300 years. Also in the old building was the main hall containing murals, again supposedly three centuries old.

A much newer "Founder's Hall" up the mountain contains the gold-plated mummy of yet another modern monk. As for the founder himself, that was the monk Dong'an. Back in 1667 he was living in the mountain's "Tiger Subduing Cave" when a visiting master, Yulin Tongxiu, announced the need for a temple.

Leaving his cave, Dong'an undertook an energetic campaign to beg funds for the new establishment. Once the temple was built, he returned to the quiet of his cave, refusing any praise for his actions.

Finally, behind the Founder's Hall, is a neglected garden with a fine statue of modern Master Ren De. After a moment's quiet rest enjoying the view with Ren De, I took the bus back up to my hotel, where I packed my bags for the next day's departure.

GPS Info:
  • 30.49494, 117.80199


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A relief at Ganlu Temple shows some of Buddhism's Twelve Generals.
A statue of modern Master Ren De
The "House of Learning Sages" at the temple
A classroom in the "Old Wood Building"
A hall in the "Old Wood Building"
A 300-year-old mural at the temple

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